Practical Ways to Attract Veteran Employees to Your New Business

Camille Johnson - 2/22/2022

If you’re trying to build a team for your new business, then recruiting veterans should be a top priority. Study after study has shown that former military members are among the most highly skilled and dedicated job candidates. And they’re also known for their high productivity and retention rates, as well as their abilities to lead and work with a diverse team. 

When it comes to developing a team you can count on, those qualities sound pretty great, don’t they? If you’re not sure where to start on your mission to attract veterans to your business, check out these practical tips from VFW Utah.


Make sure your ducks are in a row.  

First of all, you need to make sure that your business is above board both legally and financially. Otherwise, your chance of landing veteran workers is much lower. Make sure you have the proper business structure in place. If you’re not operating as a corporation, you should at least have an LLC established. An LLC will provide you with liability protection and tax benefits, among other advantages. The easiest way to form your Utah LLC is to use a reliable formation service like ZenBusiness. 

Also, your organization should have a solid financial footing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be turning a major profit, but you want to ensure your business is not plagued by substantial debt and that you have sound accounting practices in place.


Create a recruitment strategy. 

If you want veterans working for your company, you need a recruitment strategy that reflects this goal. One thing you can do is to regularly attend veteran job fairs; not only does your attendance show that you value what former military members can bring to your organization, but it also presents opportunities to meet veterans. You could also post job openings on military-friendly websites and job boards. 

Use marketing. 

Once you begin to build a reputation in the military community, you can start strategizing your marketing initiatives to attract veterans. For instance, you can highlight your current veteran employees and the work they do. You can also target your online messaging to former military members and create branded merchandise specific to the military. As part of recruiting new veteran team members, it’s crucial that your efforts are also personable and even homespun. This tactic shows that you’re approachable.


Know your resources. 

These days, there are a lot of resources available to employers that want to recruit veterans. Many organizations will allow you to post job openings on their websites for free, as well as provide clear channels for connecting with former military members. USAJobs, TurboTap, Hire Heroes USA, and Hire purpose are a few organizations worth researching.


Leverage your network. 

Finally, as with most business-related matters, tapping into your professional network can benefit you when you’re trying to attract veterans to your organization. If you currently have veteran employees, ask them to refer any ex-military friends who are looking for jobs. Also, ask anyone else in your circle who you trust if they know of any veterans on the job hunt. And don’t hesitate to use social media for finding qualified candidates. 

Hiring veterans is the surest way to fill job positions with disciplined and productive employees who possess a wide range of knowledge and skills. Along with following the tips above, keep learning about how you can make your company attractive to former military members. In no time, you could be moving your business forward with a solid, versatile team by your side!